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This website is a market stall for some pretty strange ideas, some of which may never have occurred to you. But if you've ever wondered about the meaning of life, or what might make life on this small blue planet a little more than tolerable, then I would urge you to read on.

‘A Point of View’ is a lengthy essay addressing a set of interrelated social, philosophical and political ideas. You might want to print this off, and read it at leisure. But do persevere with it: The diverse threads are tied up towards the end of this exegesis.

On the next page,  'A non-technological approach to fighting world hunger' considers the propostion that we could easily feed everyone in the world, but that it is market forces that prevent us from achieving this goal.

There then follows a database of factual material lending weight to the arguments advanced in the earlier pages. This page contains three sub-pages, each dealing with a different aspect of the ‘empirical case’. The sub-pages may be accessed by placing your cursor over the bar heading

Then there’s a guestbook, in which you can submit your views, opinions, or criticisms. I welcome lively debate, however adverse, so do feel free to enter your comments. Spam, however, will be deleted.

Finally, there’s a video page that makes for thoroughly interesting viewing.

If nothing else, I do hope this site will give you pause for thought. By all means, feel free to use the material as you wish. You may want to refer the site on to others. And if so inclined, why not become a site member?

I look forward to your response.


Update (8.7.11):       

                                                                                                                                                                     I have  created a separate companion website - http://socialistmatters.webs.com/  -which is intended to explore some of the more overtly political strategies aimed at establishing a free access society. Consequently, the essay, 'The Way Ahead' has been moved to this site


Update (10.9.11):  

STOP PRESS:                                                                                                                                    This isn't meant to be taken too seriously, but I'd appreciate your contribution to an e-petition I've set up on HM Government's e-petition website, calling for the abolition of money. You can find it by going to: http://epetitions.direct.gov.uk/petitions/5283                                                                                         Have a look, and add your vote if you are of a mind to do so. You might also want to get your friends and contacts to do the same. If nothing else, it would be interesting to see just how much support this idea attracts.                                                                                        (I should mention, by the way, that you will need to respond to a confirmatory email for your vote to count)




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